NAPES Business Profile

Nicole Andrews, Professional Engineering Services (NAPES) is committed to providing timely solutions and results for logistics, mechanical, data and hydro engineering. Made possible by ethical contracting, work site mobility, lateral and systems approaches coupled with over 10 years of experience in engineering, projects and management.


NAPES Qualifications (click on the topic for further information)

Professional engineering degree (BE Hons) and post graduate training in leadership, marine engineering and groundwater.


NAPES Experience (click on the topic for further information)

On the job experience includes:

v     Government (defence) and commercial employment

v     Cradle to grave project work:

o       Bid

o       Development

o       Delivery

o       Testing

o       Upgrade

o       Obsolescence

v     Management:

o       Time

o       Process

o       Contract

o       Project

o       Change

o       Personnel

o       Maintenance

o       Software

o       Data including Analysis, Reporting and Translation

o       Documentation

o       Publications

v     Operation:

o       Networks

         Terminal Services

o       Software

         Office software including Access / Visual Basic

         Maintenance software including development / implementation

         CAD software

         Groundwater software

         Database software including Reporting / SQL Scripting

         Inventory and Warehouse software including development / implementation

         Website development software

         SCADA including scoping / testing

o       Equipment

         LM2500 Gas Turbines

         Reverse Osmosis plant

         Evap distillation plants

         Sewage Collection units

         Marine diesel engines

         Auxiliary propulsion plants

         440V switchboards

         Heavy Rigid vehicles

         Recreational Boats

         Oily Waste systems

         High pressure air systems

         Metal work welding, drilling and lathe